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The liking of women in dressing trends and fashion as such does not need to be widely imagined. Of course, except for a few exceptions, for most women, women and girls, the contents of the wardrobe are the current topic every year and basically every day. It is worthwhile to follow trends, because what was in last year is not necessarily (and most likely not) this year. So, what is the spirit of 2018?


The main role is orange

Do not be afraid of bright and sizzling colors at the head with an orange that you can use not only in accessories but also as the main color of the whole outfit. However, you will look just as good and trendy as red or yellow.


Sepured? Does not matter.

A luminous and shimmering backdrop is a sparkle of pale colors that will look great in the autumn. For example, the one-color tops of such a style linger even older jeans - straight and wider cut is an advantage, just be sure to include the trousers.



The reason that bravely holds up at the top of fashion charts for several seasons is the flower. On black and colored backgrounds, in different designs, such as overalls, T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts or almost classic Hawaiian shirts - you can not step next.



Striped sets, shirts, T-shirts - a guaranteed recipe for success. This year's season includes vertical and oblique bands and the more contrast, the better.


Unconventional Traditions

Relatively interesting trend is gray costumes, from a general point of view quite a classic and conservative issue, which can be taken very creatively and the resulting effect can be breathtaking.

Similar eccentricity is copper and bronze. Do you think that the costume practically all in such a color can not act seriously and stylishly? Big mistake.


Few things in the world are evolving in such a special way as fashion. Trends go and come new, the old returns and some are just high on. The only thing that is sure at the beginning of each season is that you will best be looking at what you feel the best.